Gili Eco Trust – August update

Since our last update many things have started to happen within the Gili Eco Trust.

Full patrols are now taking place around Gili Trawangan. These patrols are the work of SATGAS and the Marine Conservation Agency.
These patrols are essential to stop bad fishing practices around the island, and will increase fish stocks and protect the fragile corals.
The SATGAS team have also been setting more mooring buoys around the island.

BIOROCK – Workshop December 2008

The Biorock project in December of this year 2008 will be now officially sponsored by the Gili Eco Trust, PADI and Project Aware and the Villa Ombak Diving Academy. We have to thank these organisations for their generosity and efforts to help our islands.
Please remember that any improvement in the Gili islands helps the whole of Lombok, as most visitors will also visit Lombok, so any help Lombok business and individuals can provide will also be helping the mainland as well.


Gili Air – Joins eco trust

Great news from Gili Air as well. All 3 dive centres, Manta Dive, Blue Marlin and Dream Divers, have now agreed to collect the IDR40,000 the same as the dive centres on Gili Trawangan.

This Money will be used to emulate the work carried out in Trawangan.
SATGAS will receive funding to help run environmental protection projects such as new moorings, patrolling and all the other essential duties carried out in Trawangan.

Thanks have to go to Pak Dahir from the Corner Bar, restaurant and bubgalows who has taken the lead to set up the Eco Trust on Gili Air.

Selective fishing –
One of the major reasons for fish stock depletion is the fishing and consumption of young fish, that have not even reached reproductive age. It is essential that young fish are left to continue the reproductive cycle. Also the fishing of entire schools means there
is nothing left of the school to reproduce.
Here are some ways you can help prevent this from happening –


Snappers do not breed before they reach the size of 30cm, Trevally before 30cm and Barracuda 40cm.

Mahi Mahi are already endangered and should not be fished at all.

Tuna and Red Tuna are in great danger and should not be fished at all.

Butterfish are also endangered and should not be fished at all.



Please follow the the guidelines for the size of fish that should be caught, try to avoid places that have the young fish. If you catch smaller fish please put them back in the sea if still alive so that they can reproduce and increase the fish stocks. This way there will be more for you to catch later, if you dont then thee will soon be nothing left to catch.


please encourage your supplier to follow the guidelines. take responsibility and don’t buy or sell undersized fish.

Please do not eat undersized fish. If you refuse to buy them then soon people will stop catching them !

Please remember –

* Dispose of waste in proper bins.

* if snorkelling please ensure you don’t touch, Kick or stand on the coral even if you just think it is a rock.

* Do not touch any of the marine life including the turtles.

* Donate as much as you can so we can run more valuable projects.

Please take responsibility –

If you see any damaging behavior please report it to any of the following :

* The Gili Eco trust

* Delphine 081 339 600 553 /

* SATGAS – Pak Rais 081 237 64 391

* Any of the Gili dive centres.