Some efforts on the Gili islands are been taken to preserve the natural
turtle habitat that is so abundant there.There are 2 small projects currently
on both Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno, here is some information;

Just along the beach a few hundred meters walk you will find Dino Café
where the owner, Pak Dino, a keen conservationist has in front of his
restaurant a small turtle hatchery.

Eggs are collected by the local people and rather than being sold to a market
they are bought by the sanctuary and placed in secure incubation areas.

After hatching the turtles are kept in holding tanks until they are large and
healthy enough to be released into the sea.

Although the turtle project is partly government sponsored donations are
always appreciated to help meet the costs for food and medicines.

Pak Dino or one of his friendly staff are always on hand to give helpfull
information on the progress of the turtles and their eggs.

Please remember never to touch the turtles either in the tanks or in the sea.

Go and have a look !

The turtles can be seen very easily by either just snorkelling or diving,
the best places to look are ;

Gili Trawangan island,
Diving – Halik reef / Shark point / Goodheart reef
Snorkelling – on the north coast of Trawangan start near Karma Kayak, and just
along the main beach, start in front of Villa Almarik and finish at Horizontal bar.

Gili Meno island,
DivingMeno wall and Meno slope
Snorkelling – on the north east start at Goodheart bungalows and finish on
the old Bounty pier wreck.

Gili Air island
Diving – Haan’s reef and Gili Air Wall
Snorkeling – any where along from the north east part in front of the Gili air Hotel all the way down back to the harbor past Blue Marlin Dive .

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