Introductory Dives

Gili Island Divers Association PRICE 2016 – IDR 900,000

Discover Diving
with a trial dive, gives you a chance to experience diving without completing a course. This involves an dual qualified SSI and PADI Instructor taking you in the pool, teaching you a few basic skills and then taking you on a dive no deeper than 12m.

The dual qualified SSI and PADI Instructors in this case are responsible for looking after all your equipment and buoyancy.

On completion of this trial dive you do not receive a certification, you do however receive a certificate from the organiation you chose which entitles you to go diving again, to a maximum of 12m for up to one year, accompanied by either an instructor or a dive master.
Or you can use the Pool and Dive sessions you have completed is the first section of the Open Water course, so you may choose to continue on and become an Open Water Certified Diver.