Komodo Live aboard Package

Kira Kira liveaboard



Set sail from the Gili islands for the diving mecca that is Komodo National Marine Park. Join us on the Kira Kira accross the north shores of Nusa Tengara, exploring beautiful undiscovered reefs, islands, volcanoes, and of course Dragons.

Unfold the mysteries that lie beneath the waters of the ring of fire.

Swim with Manta rays, sharks and 1000’s of different fish species, amongst unique underwater landscapes and coral reef gardens.

Walk with the Komodo Dragon, the largest living lizard on the planet. This is the only one last place where you can still see them in their natural habitat.

Kira Kira gili to komodo live aboard.

gili to komodo live aboard.

Kira Kira gili to komodo live aboard.

Kira Kira gili to komodo


For the live aboard experience of a lifetime, aboard a traditional wooden hand made Phinisi sailing ship at a very reasonable cost, email us for more information on the contact us form below.




Rates and Extras

Published Rate – SCUBA Diver – IDR 20,000,000

Published Rate – Non SCUBA Diver/Companion – IDR 18,000,000

SCUBA Gear Rental @ IDR 350,000 Per Full Diving Day (2 Or More Dives) – IDR 2,450,000

National Park Entrance Fees & Harbour Clearance – IDR 900,000


Schedule –

Date Of Departure Day Of Departure Date Of Arrival Day Of Arrival Nights Trip Itinery Availability
? ? Eclipse Festival
25-Apr Mon 3-May Tue 8 Gili Islands – Komodo –
Gili Islands
6 Spaces
15-May Sun 23-May Mon 8 Gili Islands – Komodo –
Gili Islands
5/6 spaces
28-May Sat 5-Jun Sun 8 Gili Islands – Komodo –
Gili Islands
8-Jun Wed 15-Jun Wed 7 Gili Islands – Komodo –
Gili Islands
3 spaces
18-Jun Sat 25-Jun Sat 7 Gili Islands – Komodo –
Gili Islands
5/6 Spaces
28-Jun Tue 6-Jul Wed 8 Gili Islands – Komodo –
Gili Islands
9-Jul Sat 17-Jul Sun 8 Gili Islands – Komodo –
Gili Islands
8 spaces
20-Jul Wed 28-Jul Thur 8 Gili Islands – Komodo –
Gili Islands
7/8 Spaces
30-Jul Mon 7-Aug Tue 8 Gili Island – Komodo –
Labuan Bajo
2 spaces
12-Aug Fri 17-Aug Wed 5 Labuan Bajo – Komodo –
Gili Islands
20-Aug Sat 26-Aug Fri 6 Gili Islands – Komodo –
Labuan Bajo
2-Sep Fri 10-Sep Sat 8 Gili Islands – Komodo –
Gili Islands
Contact Rich
13-Sep Tue 21-Sep Wed 8 Gili Islands – Komodo –
Gili Islands
7/8 Spaces
24-Sep Sat 2-Oct Sun 8 Gili Islands – Komodo –
Gili Islands
4/5 Spaces
5-Oct Wed 12-Oct Wed 7 Gili Islands – Komodo –
Labuan Bajo
7/8 Spaces
15-Oct Sat 2-Nov Wed 18 Bima – Waktobi Full
5-Nov 15-Nov 10 Ambon – Sorong Contact Rich
20-Nov Sun 28-Nov Mon 8 Sorong – Raja Ampat – Sorong 7/8 Spaces
4-Dec Sun 14-Dec Wed 10 Sorong – Raja Ampat – Sorong 7/8 Spaces
19-Dec Mon 27-Dec Tue 8 Sorong – Raja Ampat – Sorong 7/8 Spaces
30-Dec Fri 7-Jan Sat 8 Sorong – Raja Ampat – Sorong 7/8 Spaces



Gili – Komodo – Gili with SMY JAYA

The trip
The trip is 7 full days and 8 nights in total. The boat departs at 16.00 from Teluk Nara in Lombok and the trip ends on Gili Trawangan early morning. The schedule is flexible depending on weather and diving conditions but roughly looks like this,

Day1; Welcome on board and enjoy dinner together meeting fellow guests!
You will be getting on the boat in the late afternoon. We will be setting up the dive equipment and checking you in to your cabins. We leave at sunset when we also will have our first dinner on the boat together. We are then travelling overnight.

; Moyo and Satonda.
We are arriving in Moyo in the morning for a check dive at Medang. Then traveling through the day to Satonda where we do an afternoon dive and at sunset stop and look at the sky when it fills with millions of bats. This is something else to se. They travel from Satonda to Sumbawa to hunt the same time every evening. Traveling overnight to Sangean.

Day3; Sangean and Banta.
In the early morning we arrive in the north of Sangean where we dive at the amazing Bubble Reef. Then sailing down to Banta, where we do the second dive at GPS point. After that we head for Komodo where we will be arriving late that evening.

Day4; Dragon safari and fantastic diving!
In the early morning we will be entering the Komodo National Park. Escorted by a local ranger for a walk around the park to find the huge animal at very close range in their own habitat and enjoy the fascinating panorama of the island. This is the land of “Komodo Dragon”, the largest monitor lizards on earth. Then 3 dives in the rest of the day. We stay anchored in Komodo bay overnight.

We will be doing 3 dives in the Komodo area. In the evening we arrive in another island in Flores, Labuan Bajo where we stay overnight.

We do 3 dives in komodo and anchoring in the north of Komodo.

Day 7;
Diving Banta in the morning then traveling threw the day to Sangean for late afternoon dive in Sangean house reef. We travel over night.

Day 8;
Morning dive in Hajis reef then land tour followed by afternoon dive at the Moyo wall. We sail overnight back to Gili Trawangan.

Day 9 Disembarking on Gilis in the morning.
The trip starts and ends in Teluk Nara, meeting point for the departure is on the ship in Teluk Nara at 16.00 on the departure date.

Please don’t book any flights out of Lombok until the afternoon so there is some time for any unforeseen events.

The journey will take us threw some of Asia’s most amazing dive sights, threw the calm waters of Moyo to the raving currents of Komodo straight. Even though some of the dives are advanced anyone can come on this trip. We will customize the diving to every individuals own level of comfort and pick the dive sights suitable for you.
The diving in Komodo serves one of the widest spectra of marine life spotting in the world. We can see everything from sharks, pelagics, mantas and dolphins to pygmy seahorses, blue ringed octopus and frogfish but the most impressive with komodo diving is the amount of fish on the dive sights and the massive amount of healthy corals

What’s included?
On the trip we will do 17 dives through some on Indonesia’s finest dive waters. Food, soft drinks, snacks, coffee and tea is all included. Transport from Gili Trawangan to Nara is arranged with departure from Gili Trawangan 15.30. Meeting point is on the pier (or in arranged dive shop).

What’s not included?
Beer is for sale aboard for IDR 18.000 and will be paid at the end of the trip. Komodo national Park fees are IDR 350.000 and will be paid when getting on the boat. Dive equipment can be rented for $150 USD for the whole trip. Optional night dives can be arranged on request, and the cost is 30 USD per dive.

Price and Payment
The cost of the trip is 1050 USD per person plus park fee and eventual equipment rental.
20% (210 USD) is paid when booking and the balance of 80% (840 USD) plus park fee is paid when entering the ship. Drinks and night dives are paid for after the trip.

The Ship
Jaya is an Indonesian Pinisi, built by a mixture of traditional and modern techniques customized for the Asian waters.
She was built in 1999 as a dive exploration vessel, we have since then sailed, dived and surfed through Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand discovering new destinations and known destinations also.

We have full dive live aboard facilities on board with 2 compressors, 2 dinghies and charging stations for your cameras and laptops. The cabins are divided into double cabins with twin and double bunks. All cabins have 24hours running marine fans.
On deck we have a big shaded relaxing area. We can take a maximum 12 guests.

1st, 10th, and 20th of every month (May to October)


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