Reservation Policy

Paradise Islands Travel – terms and conditions policy


In order for us, Paradise Islands Travel to confirm your booking. Clients are required to pay in full a minimum 2 weeks prior to the date of travel for any transport bookings, and a minimum of 30 days prior to any accommodation bookings. Sometimes for flights this maybe longer.

For accommodation bookings we require a minimum of full payment depending on the individual hotel’s or villa’s own terms and conditions, at least 30 days prior to arrival.

Paradise Islands Travel will hold a reservation for up to two days at a client’s request. To allow the client time to send a deposit payment. The full amount of the deposit (or the full amount of the booking if the booking is made within 30 days of the date of arrival/departure) must be received and a voucher issued before we can confirm your booking. If a voucher is not issued your booking is not valid. If payment confirmation is not received within the two days all booked rooms, transport arrangements or activities maybe released for re-sale.


Cancellation Policy for Deposit Payments

After making a deposit payment with us you will receive a confirmation voucher as proof of payment, until this is received your booking is not confirmed. If in the unforeseen circumstance that a payment is not paid in full due to fluctuations in exchange rates. Or bank charges the voucher maybe issued and is only valid when the remaining balance is received usually on check in.

If a hotel either double books a room or villa, or takes another booking even after payment is received by Paradise Islands Travel. We will try to find an alternative hotel, however in peak season especially New Year. For late last minute payments individual is fully responsible for finding an equivalent replacement accommodation, and a full refund will be given.

Paradise Islands Travel can’t issue refunds if the hotel has already been paid. Only in specific certain cases may we issue a refund depending on the individual case and circumstances, (less any administration and transfer costs). Although in these unforeseen cases we will try to work with the hotel to find alternative accommodation if there is alternative accommodation available.

This could however be at a lower or higher standard than that originally booked, Paradise Islands Travel will not cover any additional costs what so ever even if an upgrade is the only option available.

Please note; in peak season periods this may not be possible and a refund may be the only option and will be issued by the hotel. There is no time limit on a decision of a complaint to a hotel or any cancellation for whatever reason, including early check out,
Paradise Islands Travel’s decision is final. If you wish to cancel your booking please see the following cancellation policy:

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation fees will be charged according to the individual hotel or villa‘s own policy on terms and conditions, on cancellations received more than 30 days prior to the arrival date we will try to offer a full refund (less any transfer and administration fees). Please note certain accommodations are so popular they offer no cancellation fees whatsoever as they run on 100% occupancy.

Please send us inquiry further for individual hotels and villas cancellation policy details.

For cancellations received within one month and two weeks prior to arrival date are subject to 50% of the full amount. Less any transfer and administration fees of the total of the rooms booked. Unless the booking falls under the category of no refund policy due to the hotels own terms and conditions as above.

For cancellations received within two weeks prior to arrival and the arrival date , or in the event of no show, or early check out, 100% from the total invoice will be charged and no refund will be issued under circumstances. Rates used for any refund of any kind will be charged at the same rate used at the time of booking.

Any cancellations should be made in writing to . Paradise Islands Travel and within 14 days of the check out date.

The Hotel or Villa, and Paradise Islands Travel decision is final.



As for payment we will need 100% full payment in advance to secure the reservation, and we can do this in the following ways:

1) By sending you a PayPal generated email; all we need is the credit card holder’s name and the email address it is linked to, (there is a standard 3.9% charge from PayPal for new users, there is either none or very little charge for making direct personal payments, and E checks are no guarantee until cleared, please be aware this can take up to 10 days, and must clear at least 10 prior to check in).

2) By Bank transfer to our Indonesia Rupiah account. Or our UK GBP account, or our USD $ / AUD / EURO account (plus all transfer fees on top).

3) By cash or credit card to one of our offices below. Must be at least 5 – 7 days prior to either departure or check in, depending on the operators policy of advanced payment. There is a standard 3% bank charge for all credit card payments, VISA and MASTERCARD are accepted. Unfortunately American Express is not accepted anywhere is Indonesia.



Should you have to cancel your booking within 30 days (of your arrival / departure date) for any reason whatsoever. Your deposit / payment may be forfeited.

If the cancellation occurs over 30 days prior of your arrival / departure date, the payment could be used for a future booking within 6 months of your first booking. An administration charge of up to 50% may be charged on any cancellations for any services at Paradise Islands Travel discretion.

Paradise Islands Travel will not be held responsible for transport delays or hotel cancellations due to a 3rd party carrier’s late departure, late arrival or cancellation due to weather, technical problems, or any other reason given by the operator, hotel management issues, such as building works, or any other reason or difficulties encountered.

Paradise Islands Travel shall not be liable in any way for the cost of any accommodation or for any alternative means of travel which may arise through cancellations or delays. This is strictly up to the 3rd party to make alternative arrangements or issue refunds, (Less any administration or transaction costs). Additional expense so arising shall be the sole liability and responsibility of the passenger.


Paradise Islands Travel will not be held liable for any compensation or claims for costs incurred due to a 3rd party carrier’s fault in delayed payment, time delay, accident or cancellation. Therefore there will be no responsibility taken for passengers who have any form of connecting transport or accommodation arranged if there are any delays or cancellations incurred.

The ‘carrier’ refers to any 3rd party, Eg; transportation company, hotel or villa owner.

Paradise Islands Travel takes every precaution to ensure safe travel, however passengers travel at their own risk. Passenger insurance is not provided and no responsibility is taken for any loss, accident, damage or injury incurred during the clients holiday.

Paradise Islands Travel does not include any form of insurance whatsoever, so we highly recommend you arrange travel insurance for your own personal protection. And in the case of cancelled transportation or any other unforeseen circumstances.

This insurance should protect you and all those that accompany you for the full time of your visit against illness, injury, death, accident, loss of baggage and personal items, cancellations and other travel contingencies. We also strongly recommend a health and travel insurance that covers you for hospital treatment, emergency evacuation, missed flights, delays, etc.

Paradise Islands Travel carries out room inspections a minimum of twice a year, at the beginning of summer high season and the beginning of winter high season. If the hotel (Sponsor) does not fit into the correct price category. Or the rooms are seem to be unfit in any way whatsoever the hotel will be removed from the website. This gives you the client the reassurance that rooms are correctly priced, and do get inspected to the correct standard and that they fulfill the high standards of Gili Hotels policy.

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