Gili Island Horses & Cidomos

August, 26, 2010 - 06:27AM


It would appear that there are multiple campaigns about the ‘Cidomos’ (local horse and carts) and the way the horses are being portrayed as being abused on the Gili islands. No where does it say how much effort Delphine Robbe and The Gili Eco Trust have made to improve the situation and educate the owners. The Gili Eco Trust are now paying for fresh water in special containers and extra food supplements, veterinery visits and medicines from Bali’s best equestion centre the Umalas Stables, plus they will also pay for one more member of staff who will solely look after the horses wellbeing.

Unfortunately they [cidomo drivers] are also overcharging tourists and we are trying to work in collaboration with the ‘Cidomo koperasi’ to change the system. They need to have some hard rules laid down and apply them with fixed price zones and perhaps fines for rules broken. Tourists are encouraging them by being lazy, and making it easy to overcharge, the price to go 500 metres can be as much as $10, a taxi in Bali can take you 15 kilometres for only $7. So why are visitors continueing to encourage them by paying them that much more ???

If the complainers contributed to the G.E.T, so much more could be done, so why not walk, save that money, and donate it to a trust that can and is doing good work to keep the horses in good health. In the video attached, the horse shown is clearly quite healthy and not all skin and bones. Sorry but the complainers and The tourists are as much to blame as much as the Cidomo owners themselves, it is after all their island and we are their guests.

With more people going to the Gili islands there is more demand for more cidomos, and by overpaying, the tourist is in fact encouraging the situation to get worse. Yes they need a controlled maximum speed limit, and again repeated  education about horse care and more veterinary visits and medicines.

Most Cidomos actually have 2 or 3 horses, and are actually rotated and given breaks, they do have grazing in the middle of the island, but I do not see that posted on any blogs or walls.

It is also a tradition, from the Sasak people of Lombok, which has been going on for thousands of years, nobody mentions they are also used in Lombok mainland amongst cars and trucks and motorbikes, surely more horses die on the roads than they do starvation in the Gilis. basically your all saying the owners are stupid, as they will not look after the animal that gives them their livelihood. Do you service your car so it lasts as long as possible, of course.

What about the bull racing in Sumbawa, should we petition that also?? I suggest proactive campaigning instead of actively complaining, the time and effort and money could be used in a positive and not negative way. Do something to help.

They will not go away as the islands will never allow motorised vehicles of any kind, not even golf buggys, hooray, 3 eco friendly islands that do not create emissions…!


Horse clinics in the Gilis

Horse clinics in the Gilis