G.E.T. Funathlon event

June, 04, 2013 - 06:46AM


We are organizing a triathlon on the 8th of June to raise fund to stop shark finning (Project Aware) and to get a boat to send the rubbish to Lombok and to build an athletics track with outdoor gym around the island.

We need your help to promote, join, register, get a stand…etc

Start training from now! The first 3 people or team will win some money.

You can register as individual 150,000rp (local 50,000rp) or by team of 3 people (one for each discipline) for 250,000rp (team of 3 local people: 100,000rp).

We will start from 1pm at Trawangan Dive.

The swim will be about 800m from Trawangan Dive boat to the beach, then get onto your bicycle all around the island (start training now to know how to handle those sandy patches), then leave your bike in trawangan Dive and start running through Kelapa road to the light house, and all around the island, finish line at Trawangan Dive.

If team of 3 people: 1 is swimming, 1 is cycling, 1 is running.

We are offering people some space for a stand for 1 million Rupiah to sell drinks and/or food on Trawangan Dive beach during the event.

We will have our best bookies to help out for all the bets so be ready to gamble a lot of money!

We will have a big raffle too, get some prizes ready!

Jason and Chloe, internships for the Gili Eco Trust, will come to see you in your business to put some posters up, to take your registration for the race as individual or as a team, to find out if you want a stand, and to get help from you if you want to be part of the organization of the event.

I hope that you can join, help, support…

Best wishes

The Gili Eco Trust

For more information check out our Facebook pagewww.facebook.com/the.gili.islands