January, 26, 2010 - 06:19AM

1)    Re-usable bags are available, signs are ready, buckets for fresh water for the horses are ready so if you are ready, you can start collecting the ECO Tax and join the Trust meetings every month on the 10th. we just order re-usable bag from another printer to get much more in once and cheaper. we will bring you some as soon as they arrive.

2)    For divers or bungalow guests, the eco tax is 50,000rp per person a year. If complain because paying twice in diving and in hotel, no problem just pay once, or convince them how good it is to give more! We do not want to force the donation so if your customers are not happy to pay the tax, don’t force them. it is a donation that you are willing to collect.

3)    Fresh water for horses: we have made fiber glass bucket, green or blue, available for 400,000rp each. Please make a nice sign It will be difficult to convince the drivers to let their horse drink at first, but it will come with the education and awareness that we are giving while doing the free clinic for horses in association with Umalas Stables, Bali. So keep he bucket with the sign until it works. Explain to your favorite cidomo driver the benefit for the horse and that you are happy to help the horse care by providing fresh water to them everyday. few driver already started so it will happen. the clinic for the horses is organized every 1st and 15th of the month at Pak Nur Stables (behind trinacria), bring your horses or your staff if yo want them to learn about horse care.

4)    The rubbish dump has a new wall, and 2 new cikar (karts). We finally had a good meeting with Pak Zainal, Vila Ombak, and he agreed on giving FMPL the land certificate for the pathway and the rubbish dump. So now we are looking at a new partnership between FMPL, Eco Bali and Gili Eco Trust to send the rubbish that can be recycled to Jimbaran Lestari, Bali. We couldn’t find any companies in Lombok to take plastic, steel, glass to recycle. We wont wait for Lombok to wake up so we will arrange a transport of selected rubbish to Bali to get it recycled there, that will decreased the amount of rubbish burned everyday. Paola and Pak Ketut from Eco Bali are coming to Gili T on the 12th and 13th of February to establish our cooperation and education program, let me know if you acn help by providing room for one night or free speed boat transfer, thank you.

5)    I would like to come in your business to teach your staff about eco behavior, eco solutions, compost and selection of rubbish, so I will be able to name a ‘Green Team’ or ‘Mr Green’ who will be responsible on checking that everything is done properly. This is very important project. FMPL can’t be blamed for the mess on Gili T, this is our responsibility and we do need to give the good example. Sorting site and recycling cannot work without education and people involvement. So to be able to reach our goals please let me know when I can come to teach your staff.

6)    We are buying trees to plant on the hill as the sediments and dust are flowing into the village and the sea and soon there will be more problem like land slides… so we just started with Bupati, now we are continuing with the Gili Eco Trust. And we will carry on with the school. The classes I teach will go collecting seeds, growing trees, planting on the hill, making signs with name of tree. And we think the school can be a perfect Vetiver grass nursery to then spread the grass for the hill and the rest of the island.

7)    Remind yourself and your guests that we want to ban plastic bag from the island, so show a good example, shop with your re-usable bag and as much as you can let people know why plastic are so bad. We have signs ready to spread out. Our printer is a bit slow to make the bags compared to the demand. I will see with him to work on a faster solution or with a different printer.

8)    Ocean: a new biorock reef in vila Almarik, new mooring buoys, official from BKKPN 3 days a week on the island to join the patrol. Big campaign of signs and education with the cooperasi of public boat and glass bottom boat as they are really not showing the good example if respecting the coral reefs and fish.

9)    Mooring buoys can be placed in front of your business on demand, so you can help us to control and stop boat anchoring. Shallow mooring buoy costs 800,000rp and deep mooring buoys costs 1,500,000rp (rope, buoy, concrete sacs, installation).

10) For the clinic, I am in contact with a doctor from Australia who is willing to come and work here, but western doctor cannot work longer than 3 months in Indonesia. So during the meeting with Pak Zainal we mentioned that we are looking for a Jamsostek doctor who will be good for local and western people. We can eventually get a western doctor here to work for 3 months during high season when the island is full of tourists who are often sick.

11)  To complete the order of the rubbish bins that PADI offered to pay, I will go around to collect money to make the order. Project Aware is still discussing our grant application and Coca-Cola with eco Bali is happy to organize a educational event to distribute the bins and teach local people about rubbish selection. we need 92 millions more to be able to order these bins from maspion for 122,500rp each. please contribute.


thank you for your support and contribution to our projects and discussions.