April, 12, 2011 - 06:33AM


1)    Donation and support: As the Gili Eco Trust is doing so many projects on land with/for the community, we need more support from all visitors to the island. We would like your contribution on having a donation box in your business and some of your staff trained to explain what we are doing with donations. We will place billboards in the head of the village office and art market to give information, transparency of the budget and activities that people can join or see. You will still received news, updates and flyers that by email. We still have many reusable bags that you can give to guests who give a donation between 10 to 50,000pr or more!

2)    Trees:  We have planted 1500 trees on the hill, by the market and on the main road and put some bamboo protections to avoid goats eating them. Thank you to anyone who joined us. We hope we can do it again next year.

3)    Vet Clinic: The vets sterilized more than 70 cats last time we held a clinic. The horse clinic is still happening on 1st and 15th of the month but only few drivers bring their horses. We are discussing with Koperasi to make a system of recognition (stickers) so you can see which horse kart cares.

4)    School: lots of money has been spent on the school for renovations and a new cleaner/maintenance guy who works full time. The school is a better place, cleaner and not as hot as before. The garden is a Vetiver grass nursery and is doing very well. We still need more material such as computers, cupboards, fans…etc We also would like to help Andy with his association to sponsor kids from Lombok or Gili to go to school.

5)    Rubbish: We need to change the whole rubbish contribution system for a fair system of payment depending on how many rooms, tables at restaurant, bar, Villas or hotels, range of the hotel…etc Every Friday we are cleaning with the community, please join or promote our “Jumat Bersih”. More Clean up Days will be organized. The gili eco trust still has got 2 boys cleaning plastic 2hours a day on different parts of the island. More education is needed as it is an endless job for them in the village.

6)    Donation collection: The community, Pak Kades, Pak Kadus, RT, Satgas and more are working on a new system of “donation” collection for the school, island security and Desa Gili Indah. It is in process and we hope they come up with a fair system with no corruption and transparency.

7)    Clinic: Doctors and a proper clinic is still needed. More visitors on Gili mean more health problems and accidents.

8)    MPA: Gili Matra is a Marine Protected Area and there are many rules for MPAs such as no fishing, a limit on visitors, rooms, septic system, anchoring…etc only SATGAS with the support of the police and DKP is trying to get these rules applied but we still see a lot of damage. Please place some moorings in front of your business or ask us to place one. Please tell your guest about eco behavior while snorkeling, diving, being on the beach…etc The flyers “10 recommendations” are still available

9)    Biorock: More Biorocks are getting built every 3 months. We wish we can have more and more and protect our coral reef biodiversity by using this technology and other method for reef restoration.  For the Biorock owners I will give you soon a little Biorock leaflet to laminate for your guest to learn about this technology. Also for erosion problems, we have bought Gabions baskets (2*1*1meters), which can be filled up with rubble and placed as wave breakers. 450,000rp for one.

10) Anchors on the beach: Bale Sampan will do a protected area in front of their place to show that if we can protect from anchors and snorkelers standing on corals, the reef platter will grow back very fast and protect our beaches from erosion as the reefs will slow down the waves. I hope more business on the beach will join so we can stop anchoring in these areas.

11) Green book is coming up for your businesses and every fast boat. Drawings and small text to be laminated and available on fast boats and your place.

12) Sports day in July with ministry of youth and sports: they want to organize a big sports day with everyone joining races, games…etc… We will need your help and support to promote and organize the sports day. The Ministry will give us a budget for it and we should organize some fundraising at the same time

13) Fogging money can be used for other projects?

14) More points or questions or ideas or suggestions, email me or call me for a meeting

Thank you

Best wishes

Delphine Robbe