December, 02, 2009 - 06:14AM

Will Goodman is currently in advanced preparation to make another record attempt for performing ‘the longest ever open water SCUBA dive’ and rewrite the history books by having the dive verified by Guinness World Records™. The Gili Trawangan based dive instructor aims to smash his previous endurance record of 24 hours and three minutes underwater in the open ocean, which he set on 20 July 2005. In his latest dive Will plans to extend his previous endurance dive and to stay at 6 metres under open ocean sea for up to 50 hours.

His 2005 dive was the first open water endurance attempt of its kind. Until this time underwater records similar to this one had only been attempted in more controllable environments such as lakes and artificial tanks, where conditions are more stable and can be monitored with ease.

A central aim of the record attempt is to attract sponsorship funds for the local school on Trawangan. All funds raised are going towards the education of children on the island.