February, 21, 2010 - 06:19AM

Between Christmas and New Year, the Eco Trust held a free clinic on Gili T which focused on the welfare of horses, many of which are used for transport around the islands pulling horse carts (cidomo). Working in collaboration with Umalas Stables in Bali, who provided the medicines, the Eco Trust held a 2-day clinic, which was then repeated on 6 January for another 2 days.

Umalas Stables manager, Sabine, and staff, together with Eco Trust manager Delphine, and staff from the Stud on Gili T, worked together in the village to teach the local people how to maintain their equipment, how to treat their horses for wounds and injuries, prevent worms, tooth care and filling, and other general health concerns for the horses.

In addition to the monthly Clean Up Days, the Eco Trust has now organised its Horse Clinics to take place on the 1st and 15th of each month. Contact the Eco Trust to join in the clinics, or support their work by donating money for medicines and equipment.

The Eco Trust is also asking all Gili Islands businesses to contribute to the welfare of the horses on the islands by placing a big bucket of water in front of their shops and businesses. The Eco Trust has large fibreglass buckets available in blue or green for just Rp.400,000 each, which look nice and won’t detract from your business frontage. The horses work very hard and, in Lombok’s hot weather, they often don’t get a chance to drink regularly. You can help show local cidomo owners that you support the care of their horses… after all, a bucket of water doesn’t cost much and sends out an important message.

The work of the Gili Eco Trust over the past years is making a big difference to conditions on the Gilis and it is important that everone contributes to supporting their projects. So get together with friends, work mates, tourists and families to form a team and help make Clean Up Day a success!

If you can’t participate on the day, please help with donations to fund Eco Trust projects. Contact: Delphine Robbe, Gili Eco Trust Manager on +62 813 3960 0553.