Gili Eco Trust Horses

January, 16, 2014 - 08:30AM


Gili Eco Trust Horses


Dear All,

Here we go again……….

Animal welfare clinics happening on Gilis, Gili Divers for cats and the art market for horses.

Starting today the 15th of January until the 23rd Included.

Then we will go to Gili Air for 3 days and then Gili Meno for 2 days.

Please spread the information. find the attached posters! To print!

Help if you have time to catch cats, keep track of the operation and recovery of the cats.

Helping with the horses.

Bring us some old towels and bed sheets that we can use for the cats.

Take some photos to help us for the promotion, assisting the vets!

If you are an animal lover, don’t miss out! Thanks

The Gili Eco Trust




Please NO more emails and comments that the people on the island do not care about the welfare of the horses.

This petition going around about the mistreatment of horses has been made up from people who do not live on the island, do not understand, and who think we do not care. well this is another massive push to educate the Cidomo drivers, treat the horses with vets from Bali, and also humane neutering of the cat population.

These cost a lot of money, for medicines, transport for the vets, accommodation, food, as they are donating there skills and their own time for no pay. (2 weeks)

The Gili Eco Trust has been doing this before the petition started, so there are two ways this can be addressed, boycotting the islands is negative and does no good or makes no difference at all as there is still more people want to go than there is accommodation available, or you can donate to the GET so we can eradicate problems.

So Donate to the GET, and slowly over time the problem that has been blown totally out of control can be resolved. Visitors have absolutely no idea whatsoever just how much time and money is put into these projects. It is not good for the islands to have abused animals, hence we are putting a stop to it, involving the Lombok government, and hopefully those Horse cart owners who look after their horses get rewarded with approval stickers or some kind of welfare certificate.

This costs The Gili Eco Trust a lot of money, it is not the only problem on the island to be addressed, like beach and sea clean ups, dealing with the fishermen, buying computers for the local school, the list goes on…..

So nobody can say we are not trying, this is a project that has been running for a number of years now, we do this 3 or 4 times a year.

If you really want to help, donate to the Gili Eco Trust, don’t fill in silly forms and lie about there being no water available, instead of playing with your Ipad or tablet signing up subscriptions to Marie Claire magazine and eating fresh Lobster in the evenings.

Do something positive, come and help, give us some money so we can carry on providing these facilities, and remember, change in Asia does not come overnight.

Please note these are the personal thoughts and comments from myself and not the Gili Eco Trust.


Gili islands horse clinic and welfare program.

Gili islands horse clinic and welfare program.