August, 14, 2011 - 06:40AM

Major Legal Issues on Gili T.

Dear Gili Trawangan People,

Firfstly I hope this email will find you well, however after reading it you may feel quiite different.

I am going to try to explain you
the situation on the island of Trawangan with the relationship
with the Regional Government and police who are claiming that they will stop crime and pollution by being on Gili Trawangan.

there was a big meeting 2 days ago in Vila Ombak and since that meeting, a lot of confusion and problems have arisen.
If you have been on the island you have noticed there is no more rubbish collection (FMPL), Island Security, Satgas, boat patrolling, Gili Eco Trust, Dusun, Desa Gili Indah, Remaja Karang taruna and also administration of schools…etc all the associations which were working with you to clean, secure,  protect and conserve our island have been accused to be operating illegaly by making forced donations by Pemda and Polda (Regional Government and the Police).

Everyone who is involved in these associations have been offended by the way the Pemda accused us of doing illegal donations.

The answer to these accusations is that we have stopped everything, all our activities and we will wait for the Government to come and sort this problem out, as they are saying we are doing “Premanisme”, (translated it is often used to refer to the activities of a group of people who get their income primarily from the extortion of other community groups{Wikippedia}).

But our system has been working for sometimes more than 20 years with their cooperation!!

We have transparency of all accounting budgets (money coming in and out, what it is spent on etc.) for anyone who wants to know, including the Government. They do not want to make any difference between the different associations on Gili Trawangan, so we are also stopping every single association activities.

Now already with a pre peak season overflowing rubish site, in just 2 days without rubbish collection we have already had many many complaints.

Please direct your complaints to Wakil Bupati (Assistant regional Government office representataive – 081339975451 or Brata Sute 081339799057
Please send photos, complaints, sms, questions to these numbers. If you complain to us, we will also direct you to the Bupati or Wakil Bupati as it is our way of protest.

Please support us by sending information and complaints to them so hopefully their reaction will come as soon as possible for these issues.
We agree on making the system legal and fair between each other, to give them transparency of money, report on our activities and comments, but we do not like the way they are treating us saying that we are illegally working for the last 20 years. where were they when we started everything?

I am personally very confused and sad to be in the middle of these politic, egos and power struggle situation… it is so sad to see the island getting dirty in few days when we have been trying to do our best to clean it, sad to see tourists leaving with bad smelly memories of Gili Trawangan…

I have to stick up and stand for my job as the head of the Gili Eco Trust for which I even have a work visa!! My bosses and my colleagues as we are in all associations, have always been working together for the best of Gili Trawangan island.

I dont want to end up in jail because of that situation but I cannot stop caring either!

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions, or anything related to the above either through ourselves ot The Gili Eco Trust Website directly.

By Gili Paradise supporting Delphine Robbe and the Gili Eco Trust.

As a personal note, I think this is absolutely ridiculous, nothing will get done, the police and Bupati want to take comtrol for other reasons, they see the money that can be raised and could be used in a very positive matter. These are non profit making organisations, I do Not believe the money will be spent in the same way if the regional government take over. What will happen is less people will go, the income will drop, and the greed of some of these people will mean that the islands tourism will actually start going backwards.

I don’t know what the solution is, but we support Delphine and everything she has achieved, I think it maybe time to release the article “A paradise lost 2” which is very damming about corruption and some of the people who live there on the island, it even names the first Indonesians and westerners to ‘Take advantage of the island for their own pockets’.

These are the poeple who have caused this, they are the people who should be sorting this problem out…..