My time to leave….

April, 16, 2013 - 04:02AM

My Trip To Gili Meno, my time to leave….

I was really surprised that when I see a few old and empty hotels abandoned by the investor or owner, I think it’s not a nice thing to see that they have just left the buildings like that without any demolition and tree replanting. This indicates that there are still a few investment opportunities but that many people are only concerned with profit and do not care about the negative effect to the island in the future.

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The things that make Gili Meno so different with Gili Trawangan & Gili Air besides the fact that Gili Meno has slightly more beautiful beaches, probably because it is barely developed, with clear blue crystal sea and white sand, is that there is a beautiful shallow salt lake located on the west side of the Island, this lake produces salt on the dry season.

The local people tell me a story about the lake was a little weird, if you put sea fish into it then the fish will die, but if you put tilapia fish (which is a freshwater fish) the fish will live.

But I think it’s not an unusual thing,  the sea water is natural saline water with a salt content of about 3.5% but some salt lakes and inland seas have some higher salinity from sea water generally that’s why the sea fish can’t survive on water with salt content more than 3.5%.

Gili Meno Turtle sanctuary is one place you should visit while you are in Gili Meno. Pak Boulong is a local person who dedicated himself to conserve and start breeding turtles which are endangered and protected animals on the islands, He starts from eggs collected, and after hatching and the turtle babies are old enough and ready to start their new life on the open seas they are released, with many travelers who come to Gili Meno for this special occasion.

They put the young turtles in a small building with a pool, travelers can take a pictures for free but they cannot touch them.

Gili Meno also has Bird Park with more than 300 bird species from all around the world  and they also have their own accommodation.

Although there are only few accommodations on Meno and not as many options as on Trawangan and Gili Air, but now there are many new hotels under construction and some new hotels are already operating.

I keep walking around the Island, it’s really quiet and feel’s it’s like you are walking along a deserted island, I only meet 5 people along Gili Meno’s sandy road, I don’t know maybe it’s because low season now and I am so used to the hustle and bustle of the chaotic Kuta. The beaches are still natural, there are no kiosks or small shops in this area, so it’s better you bring water if you want to explore.

I find some new Lumbung Bungalows buildings, close with Paul’s Last Resort. It’s 3 beautiful Lumbung style beach front and operate starting around April 2013, the owner is from Japan & China.

Too bad I can’t take pictures inside the bungalows as they were fully booked. When I said that I’m from Paradise Islands Travel, they seemed to already know about Paradise Islands Travel, as we are the original Gili Island Travel agent and the biggest and they are really happy to be able to work with us.

I spend one more night on Gili Meno as many people do, and explore into the middle of the Island to the Local village.

The Local people are really polite here in Gili Meno,  many accommodations you can find in the middle of the island, most of them are budget hotels.

The road to the local village is really relaxing with a clean sandy road. There is a school on Gili Meno for elementary and junior high school level, however for high school or university the students have to go to Lombok.

As most of the local residents on Gili Meno are Moslems you will also find a mosque building, in the middle of the Island.

I talk with Akim, Akim is one of the younger residents on Gili Meno, and he said that every week they gather at the head of the village (Kepala Desa) house for trying to clean the island from any garbage.

It’s really a good thing to hear that they keeping the Island clean and beautiful.

Gili Meno Island is really beautiful, for those who want a real getaway holiday, well Gili Meno is perfect option for you and for your family if you stay in an upmarket hotel, otherwise it is all very basic budget backpacker accommodation, and I mean basic.

Well it’s time to say good bye to my Paradise Island, but one day I’ll be back. Before I leave Gili Meno, Pak Zul sms me to come to Tropical Hideaway just to say good bye and ask me to take a picture with them.

Also Pak Wira at Vila Nautilus, they ask me to come to their restaurant, they make a special pizza for me. Awesome

It’s really sad to leave this Paradise Island and my new friends, however I’ll comeback to Gili Meno some day, See you soon my friends, thank you for your hospitality.

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