My trip to Gili Meno

March, 26, 2013 - 05:07AM

My Trip to Gili Meno


Gili Meno is a small paradise island located off north Lombok and is part of the famous three Gili paradise islands of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno & Gili Air.

My name is Danny and I work for Island Promotions Travel for almost 4 years now and I still enjoy it as my team is awesome, solid & professional (in my opinion)

We are sponsored by a group of established businesses to promote all the good things the Gili islands have to offer.

We provide accurate and up to date information on transport, accommodation and Gili Island related activities, with a reliable booking service making it possible and easier for people to plan their holidays before or when they arrive.


This was the first time as an Indonesian citizen for me to go to Gili Meno island, my job was to get new up to date news about Gili Meno for 4 days and 3 nights and  I’ve got the most unforgettable experiences ever in my life.

My trip begins on a Thursday morning, there is a little bit of rain that morning “of course as February is rainy season in Bali”, I wake up at 06.30 early in the morning “still a bit sleepy”, but all my tiredness is gone when I remember that I’ll be going to the paradise island of Gili Meno, I was so excited, quickly I get a shower and prepared all the things that I needed for this getaway adventure.

As my company works with all the transport companies in Bali & accommodations on the Gili Islands, I got free transport & accommodation from my company.” Awesome”.

Well after waiting a few minutes, and on time, the driver from Semaya One Fast Cruises rang me and said that they were already in front of my house to pick me up in Denpasar, a nice private Car with Air Con.

Pak Wayan (Mr. Wayan the driver) he’s really nice, he took care of all the guests luggage and he was very polite.

I’m asking about the weather that day as it’s raining now, he said it may be be bit bumpy but there’s nothing to worry about, just sit near the back of the boat and you will get the fresh air, no bumps or sea sickness.


We arrive at Sanur harbor at around 8.30am, I talk with one of the Semaya One reservation staff Miss Oge, to reconfirm my ticket, she’s cute, polite and always smiles.

As Semaya One Cruises goes to Nusa Lembongan first, then Gili Air and on to Gili Trawangan, my option is go to Trawangan first and take a local Island Hopper boat from Trawangan to Meno.

As it’s still rainy, they offer me and all the passengers a cup of free coffee while the boat crew take care all passengers luggage.

The crew already finished their job taking care of all the passengers luggage on to the boat “Well Done Brotta”, however as its still raining, all the passengers start to get bit worried about the weather, but the crew tells us that there is nothing to worry about, the crew members were polite & friendly, some times they make jokes and tell the passengers funny stories and this makes the atmosphere cheerful.

We get on to the boat, there’s no passengers getting wet because of the rain as the crew give us some umbrellas, well not all as there are some passengers choose to run to the boat instead.

All the passengers find their own seats, and the engines start up and here we go……”pull the anchors captain” however too bad I can’t take picture because it’s still raining.

Well this is the first time I go to the Gilis, so I’m a bit worried, but I believe that the captain and his team can handle the situation as they are professionals and do this every day of the year.

The captain slowed the boat speed to reduce any bumps that any waves may cause, he said “don’t worry ladies and gentleman, everything’s under control”, which I thought was very good for the passengers, so well done to the captain and crew.

After about three and a bit hours, finally we arrive at Gili Trawangan harbor, well it’s a bit later than normal but considering the rain there were no complaints from the passengers, they are all happy and give a round of applause for the captain and the crew.

No wonder every one said that once go to Gili Island, you’ll never one to go back.

“No Car’s No Motorbikes, No worries and No hawkers” The beach is really clean, the water it’s really crystal blue and clear, unbelievable it’s really so different to Kuta Beach Bali, like a different country.

I really want to explore Gili Trawangan, but my job is on Gili Meno so I can’t stay too long.

To get to Gili Meno from Gili Trawangan you have to take the Island Hopper Boat, you can buy the ticket at the Public Boat Ticket office and it’s on the main beach.

The Island Hopper Boat boat to Gili Meno only runs 2 times a day which is at 09.00am and at 16.00pm. (unless you charter a boat, then you can leave any time)

Quickly I go to the Public Boat Ticket Office, just a short walk from where the boats land to buy a ticket to go to Gili Meno, there are many people waiting there so we can all join together and share a charter boat between us which will leave with a maximum of only 10 people, actually Rp.5000 cheaper than waiting for the afternoon boat. Although you could leave your luggage at the Semaya office and spend the time having lunch and a quick explore of Trawangan if you want to.

While I’m waiting for the charter boat to get organized, I sit in front of the Ticketing office and see the busy fishing boats carrying food and building materials, there are many local people offering services to take you to your hotel, and the cargo from the boats to the place where the cidomos (horse & carts) are waiting for them.

Not long after, I heard the announcement from the speaker that my boat to Gili Meno is ready to leave and we are welcome to board. Finally we arrive at Gili Meno safely.