March, 05, 2008 - 06:06AM

Well the Balinese festival of Nyepi has come again and many tourists and expats are escaping the day of silence in the Gilis. March 6th will host a big beach party on Gili Air with local and western DJ’s playing the old and newest techno beats on the beach.

Accommodation is nearly full, but there are still rooms available.

Transport options are also busy but again with availabity on most flights, Perama shuttle bus and boat, and the Fast boats still have availability too.

With the inevitable rain at this time of year many people are also opting to stay and observe the day of silence, a unique opportunity to get a view into the special Balinese hindu culture.

March 6th will see the afternoon Ogor Ogor parade where many streets will be closed with thousands of the Balinese population taking to the streets to ward off the evil spirits.

March 7th is the day of silence from sunrise to sunrise on the 8th, no cars, no motorbikes, no dogs barking or chickens calling. An amazing experience to be witnessed.

Imagine if the whole world observed the same rule, imagine the consequences of no greenhouse gas emissions, this alone would add on a year or two to the global warming doomsday……

Well you never know..

Om Canthi, Canthi, Canthi om.