September, 20, 2012 - 06:48AM

┬áPasar Malam – Night Market

Recently the locals of Trawangan have set up a pretty large night market on the volleyball court in front of the art market near the pier. Up to maybe 50 stalls with seating now appear every evening starting from around 18.30pm serving every imaginable type of Indonesian food. From simple roasted corn on a stick to seafood freshly grilled on a coal BBQ.

They serve up dishes from typical Indonesian traditional favorites like Satay with peanut sauce, basically beef, duck, chicken on as many skewers as you wish for, served on top of a basket of rice topped off with peanut sauce. A whole variety of fish barbecued in different sauces from sambal matah to the local super hot sasak sambal sauce.

Drinks are sold from ice boxes and you could eat here every night on a budget of $5 and try something different every time.

The smell of roasting foods makes you immediately want to stop, look, and try. Ideal for budget travelers or just those who want to try many kinds of traditional foods. You can see very easily from the picture just how quickly this has become popular, definitely one of the top spots to eat, meet people, and enjoy some tasty cheap local food.

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picture credit to tripadvisor.