Same Island Different Planet...

May, 07, 2014 - 07:42AM

Same Island Different Planet…


Join us for a completely new diving experience, unique to the Gili Islands, of Trawangan, Meno and Air.

UV night diving
or Fluro diving shows the underwater world in colors you would only expect to see at a full moon party!

Fluorescence underwater occurs when we shine blue, near UV lights on corals and fish that contain proteins that absorbs the blue light and re-emit the light in a different wavelength (color). The result is incredible, on a UV night dive you can expect to see flurescent pink scorpion fish, yellow shrimps and multi colored moray eels, orange crabs, green, pink and bright yellow corals.

UV diving is still new new and very little is know as to why corals and marine life glow with florescence under water,  Dr Charles H. Mazel PhD, an expert in florescence believes that fluorescing corals may indicate the health of a reef, in which case it could become a very important part of future reef conservation.

Each unique dive costs only around $55 per person including all your dive and UV equipment. We also have a selection of cameras and UV filters available for rent if you want to capture the experience for life! Starting from as little as $25 per camera and filter or $20 for just the filter.

UV diving is available most nights of the week and we take a maximum of 4 people per guide.


To book your UV experience email us for more information, schedules and prices to,


Same islands, different planet.

Same islands, different planet.