February, 19, 2013 - 05:04AM

Staff Training in Gili


We thought it would be interesting to put to some of our 3 newer staff who are very good travel agents, and although they have never actually been to the Gili islands before, we thought a little learning trip would be in order, with lots of tasks like updating our FREE map of the island, introductions to new and existing hotel’s guest relations and a hopefully neutral and truthful impression of the Gili islands.

We also thought that a single female traveler story would also be interesting at these times visiting the most popular Gili Trawangan island, especially after some of the negative press, about the local drinks problem in all parts of Indonesia.

We will try to show you that both Bali and the Gilis are in fact a very safe and very beautiful destination with a diverse culture of 17,000 tropical islands making up part of the famous coral triangle.

We also did exactly the same but this time with 2 other staff, one went to Gili Meno and the other to Gli Air, again, they have never been to the Gilis at all.

So we intend to bring you regular updates of our 3 experienced travel agent’s trials and tribulations as they adventure one by one around each island, their thoughts and differences in the islands, their ideas of what they were sold was it what they got, and if it really is their idea of paradise.

Personally as Marketing Manager I frequently go over to the islands, but I am very interested to be involved with this little study and learning exercise………..your going to have to keep popping back for more updates.