June, 10, 2011 - 06:36AM

Here we have another shocking video taken in the Gilis of compressor fishing at Haan’s reef on Gili Air. This is a personal favorite as it has many rare marine life to be found. The practice of compressor fishing is highly dangerous and very damaging to both the coral and marine life.

Please donate to the Gili Eco Trust so we can finally end these practices.

It was by sheer chance this footage was taken, the culprit did not even realize for quite a while that he was being filmed, and showed no reaction whatsoever when he realized he had been caught in the act.

May I remind you this is definitely not normal practice as the patrols from the Gili Eco Trust and SATGAS are trying, but over such a large area it is extremely difficult.

If every visitor donated even just $1 or $2 to the Gili Eco Trust the money could be used to buy more boats for patrolling. Visitors are flocking to the islands, and already another example is that now, before the real start of high season the rubbish dump is already full.

If you want to come and enjoy these three little islands, please please be aware of your own impact on such a precious and fragile protected marine park.

Note: With thanks to Delphine from the Gili Eco Trust for supplying the footage, for more information about Eco projects please visit www.giliecotrust.com and donations.

Thanks also to Paradise Islands Travel, for supporting the cause, who can be contacted through www.gili-paradise.com for general information about the islands.