July, 09, 2011 - 06:38AM

They are so unnecessary, black, white, striped, bendy straws, crazy straws for kids, a spoon straw, miniature straws, individually wrapped “Sanitary” straws, special “color-changer” straws, even extendo-straws, why?

Why do we need them? I know where they end up, and that is in the sea and then on the beach. Polypropylene is becoming favored over polystyrene for manufacturing plastic drinking straws as polystyrene is brittle and tends to crack easily. It is also denser than water, causing straws to sink when placed into beverages. Polypropylene straws, by contrast, are much more durable and do not sink.

I sit at bars quite a lot as some of you that know me will already know, I see 4 drinks ordered, lets say they are arak and fake redbull, served in plastic cups, cheap, no washing up, can’t smash someone in the face with one, no washing up, straight in the bin, directly to the sea, ends up on the beach. WHY?? Can’t afford to buy real glasses? Your clientelle can’t be trusted not to drop them, cos we all walk round in rubber flip flops, which break, and end up lonely on the beach missing the left half or the right half of their life. WHY? Can’t trust our clientelle to smash them in other peoples faces?

Is this really the way we have evolved, or is it unrevolved, disrevolved, you see the T shirts with neandothol man bent over, then walking straight, and now back to walking like apes. Why do I need a straw? To do a line of coke maybe, although I was told 75% of all $20 dollar bills had cocaine on them, so it cant be that, as a straw dispenser may not be at hand in the toilet.

So WHY do we need straws? I really see them as the most unnecessary item man has ever invented. They are good to play with while drinking my second fake arak redbull, triangles, squares, even put two together and make one really long one.

Wikipedia says “A drinking straw is a short tube intended for transferring a beverage from its container to the mouth of the drinker by use of suction” well unless I just had a stroke, or both my arms fell off, I think I can do that naturally.

Wikipedia also says One particular advantage of using a straw when drinking is the reduction of tooth decay. Many soft drinks have acidic properties, and using a straw reduces the liquid contact with the teeth, reducing tooth decay and the risk of cavities. Dont you think you shouldn’t be drinking that shit then anyway, what is it doing to your liver and intestines then, its not a sieve, it all goes in the same place.

Wikipedia says and it is a known fact, Plastic straws aren’t recyclable and end up in landfills or the ocean. There are, however, alternatives to plastic straws which people use once and then throw away.

* Glass straws
* Bamboo straws
* Stainless steel straws

Now that sounds cooool, I want one of those please…………………………..