June, 19, 2011 - 06:37AM

The Surf watch tower has now been renovated into 2 storeys with a bar.

Downstairs during the day is a bar selling cold drinks, there was a huge banner saying ” Rainbow Magic “, I am not sure if this is what they have called the actual surf breal or the bar itself.

During the Full Moon they double up as the perfect spot for parties, lets hope they continue and have one next month, the full moon is a Friday, 15 July, as Ramadan falls in August it may be the last one until September.

We are finding more and more visitors arriving with boards, and the Gilis seem to be coming back as a small surf destination that is a bit different.

It is a very shallow fast coral break so you need to be good, it is definately not for beginners.


Here is an article written called ” Surfing the Gili islands and Lombok

Gili Trawangan (surf spot is out the front of the new Ko-Ko-Mo resort development) on the south west corner of the island. Now with it’s new watch tower.

This spot breaks all year round, in the dry season there is always swell, the winds turn it on shore but early mornings and late afternoons, the wind tends to die down.
In the wet season the winds are very low or off shore but the wait for swell can last couple of days or more.

Take a boat over to Gili Meno and head to the south east corner of the island.

It breaks about 100m out to sea. When its breaking you can’t miss it. This spot is called secrets by the local boys who are more than welcoming to traveling surfers, and it picks up more swell than you’d expect. The take off spot on the outside point is fairly easy, but it quickly jacks up to produce long and hollow walls. It breaks over a shallow reef for a long and fast ride. Its fun up to double overhead with long tube rides, but over that it becomes one serious wave that walls and walls and walls.

In a land of left handers, this place is a refreshing change. The locals are cool, the atmosphere on the Gili islands is horizontal and the break, if a little fickle is well worth checking out. People doubt this spot, which is good because it keeps the crowds down. If you ask me it’s their loss! If you like your rights, it’s not such a bad thing to give up 7 meter desert point to 5 meter secret point!