June, 02, 2011 - 06:36AM

The Amazing race Asia Gili

In this next leg’s Roadblock, teams rode an outrigger to Gili Trawangan Island, where one team member took free diving and snorkelling lessons at a Gili Trawangan Dive Resort before diving into Halik Reef to retrieve a briefcase full of money.

They then returned to Gili Trawangan Island and rode a cidomo, a local horse carriage to the aforementioned resort. There, both team members had to count the money in the briefcase totaling (Rp 3,804,000) and use this as the combination to retrieve the next clue from their Sony VAIO laptop. If they did not enter the correct combination within three attempts, they had to wait for 10 minutes before they can enter another combination.

Additional tasks

* At the Blue Water Express terminal, teams must sign up for boats leaving for Lombok, with the first boat leaving at 7:00 AM containing two teams, and the second boat leaving at 7:30 AM containing three teams.

* Upon arrival at Mataram, teams must search the fishing village for their next clue, which unknown to the teams, was hidden in a fishing boat parked along the beach.

* At Pura Lingsar, teams must participate in Perang Topat, a rice war ritual where teams were showered with rice powder by locals, before receiving their clue. An interesting piece of history

Another sign of the incredible speed that the world is catching on to the beauty of the Gilis, great promotion, but really we don’t want it thanks.

Im sure they made a large contribution to the Gili Eco Trust to run around like crazy idiots and know nothing about the fact it is in fact a protected marine park.

Proves my underlying theory, the prize money, Amazing race indeed, if you watch closely. you can see just what people will do anything for a price tag of $100,000.

Watch the stressed participants rage around a peacefull holiday island