March, 06, 2010 - 06:21AM

Floating majestically in the void, in the black
Is a big blue ball with a weight on its back
To see it from up here it seems so serene
But with the right ears you can hear its cold scream
Move closer my friend and take a hard look
See what they’re doing. See what they took
From the depths of the blackness it all looks so calm
Who could imagine the damage, the harm?
The blue ball is dying and crying for in pain
And why? So its keepers can strive for more gain
They’re gouging and digging and peeling its skin
‘Till its bleeding without and raging within
Slowly but surely they torture the ball
Choking it, starving it, taking it all
The balance so carefully built over years
Is falling apart as its fabric just tears
Will these keepers slow down? Will their actions abate?
Will they learn the hard lesson before it’s too late?
The big blue ball, once a smile now a frown
The hue slowly turning from blue to dark brown
What the keepers don’t realize and no word of a lie
When the blue ball starts crying…

Courtesy of the Bali Advertiser