August, 18, 2011 - 06:41AM

John is chairman of Senaru Trek Organizer Association and from the Indonesian Guide Association in Senaru, He also runs “John’s Adventures” which can arrange trekking trips from 1 up to 4 days for all ages including for families with young children.

Starting in 1982. Mr. John is the first person who took trekkers to Rinjani Mountain. 3 years as a porter and 14 years as a trekking guide until nowadays. Quality of the trekking equipment is one of John’s Adventures top priorities and it is re newed every year. The quality of the service itself is permanently checked through a questionnaire filled up by each trekker at the and of the trip.

Most of the porter and trekking guides are members of Mr. John’s family and all of them are from Senaru Village because they have always been to Rinjani Mountain for religious purpose (meditations, sacrifice, etc) they have great experience of the area and are very professional. More and more people are using John’s Adventures service to go trekking.  Protection of the environment is John’s Adventures number one priority and all porters and trekking guide’s are particularly cautious in this respect.

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