September, 04, 2012 - 06:34AM

Unique Fish Makes BioRock Home

Around the 3 Gili islands there are, thanks to Delphine Robbe and the Gili Eco Trust now 63 artificial Biorock structure regeneration projects.

All are able to be seen by both divers and snorkelers alike as they are positioned between 8 and 16 meters of water.
Some are simply domes, tunnels and whats called meshing. This is a seven year project and now some Biorocks have gotten a little bit more adventurous with some famous metal sculpters being involved and have made some very interesting structures from a starfish to even the outline shape of a Manta ray,and also an aeroplane.

These structures have proven to increase coral growth by up to 5 times,and the inventor claims up to ten times faster coral growth can be achieved.They are making an incredible effect on the Gili islands, by being natural sea breakers, attract and give protection for all kinds of marine kife, including octopus, cuttlefish cowrie shells and as you will see in this video a very rare black frog fish.



There is the 8th annual Biorock workshop taking place at Hotel Vila Ombak on November 12TH to 18TH 2012, more information can be seen on this link – [Click here]

For information on the technology about how the structures work,which is a very simple electrolysis process where steel bars when charged with a very two electrodes supplied with low voltage direct current cause minerals naturally present in sea water to build up faster than normal.More detailed information is on this link – [Click here]

originally posted on Blue Marlins Facebook page.