October, 05, 2010 - 06:28AM

There are many villas in Gilli Trawangan but Villa Kokita is special in that it is a true beachfront villa with a white sand beach directly in front and clear views of the ocean. Villa Kokita has a great unique location towards the quiter North of Gili Trawngan and although still within easy distance of all the great restaurants and nightlife of the main strip of the island.

The villa has a totally chilled out feel. Because of its outlook it enjoys amazing sunrises over Mount Rinjani, Lombok’s active volcano, and breathtaking sunsets that colour the skies with colours. Villa Kokita is also very environmentally friendly. It is built from 90% recycled timber, has solar power and solar hotwater, and is also equipped with a Bio Septic System.

Villa Kokita has all ready reached an international standard with an article being publised by The Australian Magazine.

Villa Kokita also continually contributes to projects run by the Gili Eco Trust, an environmental group whos aim is to recycle rubbish, better education and provide better facilities in the school, and beach clean up days are but just a few of the many ways they can achieve this. In fact the owners of Villa Kokita collaborated with like minded businesses to set up their own artificial Bio Rock Reef regeneration program – a project that rebuilds the reef.

Guests at Villa Kokita can be happy that their visit will leave the smallest possible footprint on Gilli Trawangan. Villa Kokita is perfect for a group of friends or a big family, or even can be rented individually by yhe room with shared facilities, all looking to have spacious beachfront accommodation in beautiful surroundings.

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